Enhanced EBook Test from 2001

I had been toying with the idea of converting my first novel, Raising the Dead, into an EBook. Most of the technology in the story still has a “future-tech” quality about it, so why not? Published in 2001, I worked on this title — off-and-on — throughout the 1990s, with the serious writing taking place 1998-2000. 

Digging around, looking for the final copy of the text, and pieces of the audiobook, I discovered a curious artifact. Since the 1970s I have been trying to figure out how to combine text, video and audio into a super-narrative hybrid. This short video from 1996 was one of my more successful attempts at hybridized narrative. Also in the boneyard, somewhere, is a version of the book in which the audio plays, while the “reader” searches a 360-degree, virtual wall of “visual exhibits”. There was a lot of effort invested in both vids, but neither would do well with iBooks or Amazon’s .mobi format, today. SADLY.

 What’s interesting in this particular test-chapter from Raising the Dead is how it resembles the scribing work I find so fascinating, today. Over a decade ago, I stumbled into what would ultimately define my best take on the subject of “hybrid-narrative.”

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I converted to technologist victim in 1970 with my first film camera, a 16-millimeter Bolex Paillard. I reconfirmed my vows in the 1970s with the purchase of video gear. I lost all faith in technology when I embraced computer tech in the 1980s. I've been trying to figure out what I've done with my life, ever since.
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